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Academy Of Higher Learning

Taking Learning to the Next Level

Since 2008

About Us

By encouraging an open forum for the exchange of ideas, we hope to foster an environment that provides a format for students to express their thoughts, improve their learning skills, and enhance their natural leadership abilities. Academy of Higher Learning is an academic center that has over 15 years experience teaching english, philosophy, writing, research and competitive speech and debate. Many of our debaters have accumulated top awards in local, state, national and international level tournaments, earning us the reputation as one of the top places to learn speech and debate (click here to see some of our accolades). Not only do our students have a long history of success but many of our alumni have also been accepted into some of the most prestigious universities across the nation including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Cornell and Brown. We are excited to continue our history of excellence as we go into the future with our next generation of leaders. To sign up for classes, please fill out our online application and we will contact you with more information.

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What Our Students and Parents Have to Say

Katelyn Z
(Stanford University)

I learned so much from Tiya when she was my debate coach! She is so incredibly knowledgeable about every topic and is phenomenal at helping you improve as a student. She’s not only a great educator, but also extremely supportive as a mentor and is truly invested in making sure you reach your full potential. Debate can oftentimes be a highly stressful/challenging extracurricular to be involved in, but having her as my coach made it so much more fun, enjoyable, and exciting! I am now a college student, and although my high school debate days are over, the skills I learned from Tiya, whether that be research, writing, or public speaking, have still continued to help me to this very day.

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